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China Calling Cards, China Phone Cards, Taiwan Calling Cards, and Taiwan Calling Cards Onsale: 1-949-305-2100
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Our Price: $20.00 (Save 0%)  List Price: $20.00
click for more phone card information Fiber optic Quality and Expires in 120 Days   
click for more phone card information China, Taiwan: 2.2c HK: 2.4¢, USA: 2.9¢, Canada: 3.4¢ 
click for more phone card information Singapore: 5.3¢, Philippines: 22.6¢, France & Germany: 5.4¢ 
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Phone Card Name Local Access Number City Country / US State
PTM SINO 8084423280 MAUI HI
PTM SINO 8084435243 HILO HI
PTM SINO 8084822866 LIHUE HI
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