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Purchase Agreement & Return Policy

We here at 1stPhoneCard.com know how precious it is for our customers to have quality minutes at reasonable prices to contact friends, family, and business associates. Therefore, we go the extra mile to find exceptional phone cards through high quality service providers. However, we cannot maintain an assortment of superior phone cards without our customers’ help. Your opinion is our utmost concern.

All phone card pins are delivery via email. Please do check into your spam or junk email folder as well as your inbox for your purchased pin. If you have any problems with your phone cards, please reply to our pin delivery e-mail, and let us know what the problem is. (Be sure to enclose your Order Number and Pin Number in the e-mail.) Our customer satisfaction consultants will contact the service providers on your behalf in order to rectify the situation. Typically, most problems are corrected by the next business.

Also, please read the special note section for each phone card about any additional fee information. In particular, watch for the following:

• Calls placed to a cell phone are normally charged at a higher rate unless noted otherwise

• Most prepaid phone cards have a payphone surcharge unless noted otherwise

• Connection fees are non-refundable (We strongly recommend that you do NOT buy phone cards with a connection fee because we are unable to recover these fees back from the carriers for you. Any purchase of a phone card with a connection fee indicates your agreement that these phone cards are NOT refundable.)

Our goal at 1stPhoneCard.com is to provide you a telephone solution at a discount from major carriers without sacrificing quality telephone connections. We want to create satisfaction for our customers; however, we cannot do this without your help. Therefore, we always welcome feedbacks (both positive and negative) from our customers. Moreover, if you ever encounter a problem with your phone card, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to investigate and solve the problem for you. In addition, if your purchase is below your expectation, we can usually exchange your phone card for a different phone card or provide a refund for unused portion of your phone card less a 15% restocking fee.

For urgent matters such as not receiving a pin number, receiving a pin number that does not work, or having payment issues, please feel free call us at 1-888-304-8029 between 8am-4pm PST, Monday through Friday to talk to one of our customer satisfaction consultants. If our customer satisfaction consultants are not available to take your call, please leave a short message and a call back number at our answering service. We will return your call by the next business day.

Please remember that customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! Until you find an excellent phone card from us, we will not be satisfied!