South Africa Phone Card

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South Africa Phone Card

Our Price: $19.45(Save 22%) List Price: $25.00

  • Best Quality Phone Card to South Africa
  • South Africa: 4.5¢, USA: 1.6¢, Canada: 1.6¢
  • Pin Skipping and Speed Dial Available

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Rate Table (from South Africa):

Origination Country NameDestination Country CodeDestination Country NameLocal Access MinuteLocal Access Rate Toll Free Minute Toll Free Rate
South Africa855Cambodia2278.57¢16511.79¢
South Africa855Cambodia - Mobile2278.57¢16511.79¢
South Africa237Cameroon8921.85¢7725.26¢
South Africa1Canada5003.89¢2727.15¢
South Africa238Cape Verde Islands6131.89¢5535.36¢
South Africa1-345Cayman Islands16611.72¢13014.96¢
South Africa236Central African Rep3752.57¢3555.57¢
South Africa56Chile3395.74¢2169.00¢
South Africa56Chile - Santiago3395.74¢2169.00¢
South Africa86China5003.89¢2727.15¢
South Africa57Colombia2986.53¢1999.77¢
South Africa57Colombia - Mobile19310.08¢14613.32¢
South Africa269Comoros3358.94¢3162.74¢
South Africa242Congo, Republic of5038.90¢4642.28¢
South Africa682Cook Islands2577.80¢2481.04¢
South Africa682Cook Islands - Mobile2577.80¢2481.04¢
South Africa506Costa Rica2308.46¢16611.72¢
South Africa506Costa Rica - Mobile2358.28¢16811.58¢
South Africa385Croatia3635.36¢2268.61¢
South Africa53Cuba2097.25¢19102.37¢
South Africa357Cyprus4544.28¢2587.54¢
South Africa420Czech Republic3635.36¢2268.61¢