China Call Back

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China Call Back

Our Price: $20.00(Save %) List Price: $20.00

  • Local Access in USA, Canada, China & Good for 365 days
  • Local Access for Cell Phone Users: 714-784-7102, 213-286-0080
  • Call from USA/Canada to China: 1.6¢, Call from China to USA/Canada: 4.7¢

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Rate Table (from Canada):

Origination Country NameDestination Country CodeDestination Country NameLocal Access MinuteLocal Access Rate Toll Free Minute Toll Free Rate
Canada44UK (cellular)5040.00¢4742.55¢
Canada44UK(area code:1,2)12001.67¢4824.15¢
Canada878Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)6530.77¢6033.33¢
Canada1-907US - Alaska7052.84¢3765.32¢
Canada1-671US - Guam8572.33¢4154.82¢
Canada1-808US - Hawaii3435.83¢2408.33¢
Canada1US - Puerto Rico12901.55¢4964.03¢
Canada1-670US - Saipan6383.13¢3565.62¢
Canada1-340US - Virgin Islands10002.00¢4464.48¢
Canada1USA (48 States)10002.00¢4464.48¢