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    South Africa Phone Card
    Quality Rating: Customer Rating
Our Price: $19.45 (Save 22%)  List Price: $25.00
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click for more phone card information South Africa: 4.5¢, USA: 1.6¢, Canada: 1.6¢ 
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South Africa Phone Card
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See Rates Calling from   South Africa - Mobile  USA (48 States) 
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    Rate Table (from South Africa):
Origination Country Name Destination Country Code Destination Country Name Local Access Minute Local Access Rate Toll Free Minute Toll Free Rate
South Africa 45 Denmark 441 4.4¢ 254 7.7¢
South Africa 45 Denmark - Mobile 83 23.4¢ 72 27.0¢
South Africa 246 Diego Garcia 19 102.4¢ 18 108.1¢
South Africa 253 Djibouti 42 46.3¢ 39 49.9¢
South Africa 1-767 Dominica 103 18.9¢ 88 22.1¢
South Africa 1 Dominica - Caribbean- mobile 65 29.9¢ 59 33.0¢
South Africa 1-809 Dominican Republic 146 13.3¢ 117 16.6¢
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