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    Roaming Card
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Roaming Card
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    Phone Card Dial Instructions:
Toll Free Access All sales are final, no exchange, no refund;
From Canada: 1-866-280-6846
From Asia:
HongKong: 800-965466; Macau: 0800-866; Taiwan: 00801-14-8625;Japan: 00531-16-0618; South Korea: 00308-131-643; Singapore: 800-1301-370; Malaysia: 1800-812-640; Thailand: 001-800-13-201-8288; Indonesia: 001-803-015-201-8261; Philippines: 1-800-1-116-2320; India: 000800-100-6415; Israel: 180-931-5373; Cyprus: 800-95739; China: 17900(Local toll charge apply
From Europe:
Latvia: 800-2251; Russia: 810-800-2475-1012;Iceland: 800-8484; Monaco: 800-93269; Greece: 00800-161-2203-3101;UK: 0800-051-7167; France: 0800-917-316; Germany: 0800-181-9300; Italy: 800-788-017; Denmark: 8088-7652;Finland 0800-11-1311; Sweden: 020-797-570; Switzerland: 0800-562-444; Netherlands: 0800-023-4017; Luxembourg: 8002-1024; Norway: 800-73007; Belgium0800-71889; Austria: 0800-295-965; Spain: 900-951-580; Portugal:800-813-921; Czech republic: 800-142-805; Poland: 00-800-111-3667; Hungary: 06-800-18039;
From America:
Mexico: 011-877-637-1914; Chile: 800-552-800; Brazil: 0800-891-6035; Argentina: 0800-222-0079; Panama: 001-800-201-9583; Peru: 0800-52487; Uruguay: 000401-90072; Venezuela: 0800-100-2642; Colombia: 01-800-700-1657; Jamaica: 1-877-556-3018; Dominica: 1-888-300-9708; Dominican Republic: 1-888-300-9708; Grenada: 1-888-300-9838; Puerto Rico: 1-888-250-7429; U.S. Virgin Islands: 1-888-250-7508; Bahamas: 1-888-443-8009; Trinidad and Tobago: 1-800-201-8289; Bermuda: 1-866-689-2039; St. Kitts / Nevis: 1-877-849-9095; Saint Lucia: 1-888-426-3621; Costa rica: 0800-013-088
From Oceania:
Australia: 1800-507-871; New Zealand: 0800-446-086; Fiji Islands: 00800-1630; South Africa: 0800-980-188
Local Access

A Complete List of Roaming Card Local Access Numbers,

 To find a local access number, please search for your Area Code:

 To find a local access number, please search for your State:
(Please check with your local phone company to avoid toll charges)

Enter Pin Numbers Pin Number
USA/Canada: Dial 1 + area code + telephone number
International: Dial 011 + country code + city code + telephone number + #
Customer Service service@1stPhoneCard.com
Expiration Date This phone card will expire 180 days after sale
Rounding All calls are billed in 1 minute increment
Maintenance Fee  None
Connection Fee  None
Tax  0%
Pay Phone Surcharge  Vary Among Countries per call
Disclaimer  Rate to international cell phones are higher; Rates subject to change without notice.
Special Note Final Sale, No Exchange, No Refund.

Call from China Mainland:

dial 17900-->choose language option --> account number + # --> password +# (account number and password are separated by a "#" in your pin number.

For example, your pin number 1234567890-1234, the 1234567890 is account number, and 1234 is your password) --> destination number

Destination format:

to call a landline in China Mainland: 0 + area code + number;

to call a cell number in China mainland: 0 + cell phone number'

to call other countries out side China: 00+ country code +city code +number
     Click for Rate Table from USA (48 States)
Best Rates
Australia Calling Cards: 8.0¢
Belgium Calling Cards: 11.0¢
Canada Calling Cards: 2.9¢
China Calling Cards: 2.0¢
Denmark Calling Cards: 12.0¢
Denmark - Mobile Calling Cards: 12.0¢
Finland Calling Cards: 13.1¢
France Calling Cards: 5.5¢
Germany Calling Cards: 5.5¢
Hong Kong Calling Cards: 2.5¢
Hong Kong-Cellular Calling Cards: 2.5¢
Indonesia - Cellular Calling Cards: 5.9¢
Japan Calling Cards: 4.0¢
Korea South Calling Cards: 2.9¢
Korea, South - cell Calling Cards: 10.0¢
Malaysia Calling Cards: 3.7¢
Malaysia-Cellular Calling Cards: 5.4¢
New Zealand Calling Cards: 13.1¢
Norway Calling Cards: 12.0¢
Norway - Mobile Calling Cards: 13.8¢
Singapore Calling Cards: 5.4¢
Sweden Calling Cards: 9.0¢
Switzerland Calling Cards: 12.0¢
Taiwan Calling Cards: 2.2¢
Taiwan-Cellular Calling Cards: 13.3¢
UK(area code:1,2) Calling Cards: 5.5¢
USA (48 States) Calling Cards: 2.9¢
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