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Weekly news from 1stphonecard.com Newsletter: Buy Quality Phone Cards (Calling Cards) for International and Domestic Calls
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Dear Customer:
At 1stphonecard, we believe that it is important to help customers better understand how phone cards can be the best economical option to save money on long distance call and we want to give you some basic guidelines on how to choose a phone card that is best for your usage:

If you make long phone calls, and your usage is $6 or more and plan on finishing a phone card within 90 days, we recommend the Miss You Phone Card or the Toll Free Phone Card. These cards offer great rates to many destinations and are good for making frequent calls.

If your usage between $1.50 or $3.00 per month, we recommend the China Call Back, Lovers Card, or Business Card. These cards expires 365 days after sale and are rechargeable as well.

If your usage is more than $3.00 per month or plan on finishing a phone card within 180 days, we recommend the Rechargeable Phone Card

If your usage is less than $1 per month or if you plan on using a phone card every so often, it’s best to buy a phone card that does not come with an expiration date such as the Never Expire Phone Card. This card is rechargeable and a weekly maintenance fee of 10 cents applies. We also recommend the First Phone Card which expires 730 days after sale.

If you make calls only from your cell phone, we recommend the Pinless Rechargeable Cell Phone Card. The minimum usage is $4.00 per month and it expires 120 days after sale.

In conclusion, we have many phone cards with different expiration periods. Before purchasing any phone card, make sure you know the expiration terms. This information is listed on the webpage for each calling card. You can click on the image of a phone card to find out the card’s expiration terms.

If you know of any new comers, feel free to help them set up an account and walk them through the ordering process. On top of that, we will be happy to send you a free $2 phone card for referring a new customer. You can save money and enjoy talking!

You can refer family and friends to 1stPhoneCard.com by either click on the next to each phone card's image or login to My Account then click on the "Invite a Friend" link. If they make a purchase after receiving your invitation email, you will also get a free $2 Phone Card.

Please do not reply to this email as we are unable to respond to messages sent to this address.

If you have any questions, please use our Customer Service Center form so that we may help with any individual questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you for shopping with us.
China Call Back
OnSale: $19.45 ( 3% off!)
Local Access & Toll Free Numbers in China
USA/Canada to China: 1.9¢, China to USA: 1.8¢
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Recharge Now
Miss You Phone Card
OnSale: $18.68 (25% off!)
There is only one Miss You Phone Card sold here since 2000 
China: 1.4¢, Taiwan:1.7¢, Korea:1.4¢, Japan:2.9¢
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Best Phonecard
OnSale: $17.68 (12% off!)
China: 1.6¢, Canada: 1.2¢, USA: 1.9¢
Pinless call (pin skipping) & 25 Follow-Me speed dials
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Recharge Now
Pinless Rechargeable Cell Phone Card
OnSale: $17.68 (12% off!)
Specially Designed to Call International from USA Cell Phones 
China: 1.3¢, Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong: 1.4¢
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