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 Prevent Your Pin from Expiring!
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Dear Customer:
Would you like to know how you can prevent your phone card from expiring? Most phone cards we offer on 1stPhonecard.com come with expiration dates. After the phone card expires, you will no longer be able to use the phone card, even if you have unused minutes remaining. To keep this from happening, we recommend you purchase a rechargeable card, such as Rechargeable Card, and selecting Auto-recharge option in My Account.

Auto-recharge is the easiest way to recharge your phone card. By selecting this feature, your phone card will be automatically recharge once the value is less than 20% or when your Pin is about to expire. Whatever minutes you had left on your Pin will roll over to the recharge. Your Customer Appreciation Discount will also be automatically applied towards the recharge.

Now you can talk to your loved ones and make important calls and still enjoy the savings without worrying about running out of minutes and when your card will expire! Take advantage of Auto-recharge and enjoy that added convenience and a peace of mind!

Please note: You can find the Auto-recharge option when you go to recharge your Pin in My Account. Auto-recharge is only available with credit card or debit card. It is not available with PayPal. Auto-recharge is only available for rechargeable cards. To know which cards are rechargeable, look for "Recharge Now" button on the webpage for your selected phone card.

If you know of any family member or friend who would like to try any our phone cards, you can invite them to purchase at 1stPhoneCard.com by either click on the next to each phone card's image or login to “My Account” then click on the "Invite a Friend" link. If they make a purchase after receiving your invitation email, you will also get a free $2 Phone Card.

Please do not reply to this email as we are unable to respond to messages sent to this address.
If you have any questions, use our Customer Service Center form so that we may help with any individual questions or concerns you may have.
Customer Satisfaction Team
China Call Back
OnSale: $18.88 ( 6% off!)
Local Access & Toll Free Numbers in China
China to USA: 3.8¢, USA to China: 1.6¢
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Recharge Now
Miss You Phone Card
OnSale: $18.69 (25% off!)
There is only one Miss You Phone Card, from here since 2000 
China:1.4¢, Taiwan:1.6¢, Korea:2.2¢, Japan:2.5¢
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Best Phonecard
OnSale: $18.98 ( 5% off!)
Never expires if you recharge every 179 days
Pinless call (pin skipping) & 25 Follow-Me speed dials
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Recharge Now
Pinless Rechargeable Cell Phone Card
OnSale: $20.00 ( 0% off!)
Save more Money if calling from your cell phones only 
Block direct dial to international numbers to avoid over charge
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