3.1) Rate/price

1) Toll free versus local access numbers

Toll free access numbers provide:
1) More reliability
2) Better chance of getting a connection to your party

Local access numbers provide:
1) Lower rate/more minutes

2) Hidden charges
Be careful of hidden charges. (Refer to the next section on How Phone Card Companies Can Trick You.) Phone cards that have very low rates often charge customers money in other places to make up the difference!

3.2) Quality (e.g. fiber optic versus VoIP)

Quality should be a bigger factor in choosing a phone card than price. While quality is slightly more expensive, it is worth it to hear your party and that they can hear you. Many companies do not really offer "high quality" cards. Please do not be fooled by a phone card that has a poor quality connection and think this must be the best out there. There are many phone cards that have crystal quality connections.

3.3) Usage (i.e. number of minutes needed in within a set time frame)

1) Anticipated number of phone calls to make with phone card
You should base your purchase decision on how many phone calls you plan to make. If you only make a few phone calls a month, then you should purchase a phone card with a long expiration date so your money is not wasted. However, if you make numerous calls per month, you may want to purchase a phone card with a shorter expiration date because the rates are usually better.

2) Average length per phone call
If a card carries a connection fee, you should also think about how long your average phone calls last. Regrettably, there are few phone card companies out there that still charge connection fees. (A fee charged to your phone card EVERY time you make a phone call.) If your calls are very long and you can use up your phone card in just a few calls, then a connection fee will not hurt you too much. However, we HIGHLY recommend not purchasing a phone card with a connection fee.

3.4) Customer service
Please make sure that your phone card company has best customer service available. Sometimes problems do arise and people only find out when they need to make a phone call. A company with great customer service and strong customer commitment will always do their best to make sure you can make that important phone call as soon as possible.