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Spain Calling Cards

Buy prepaid Spain Phone Cards at and make cheap calls to Spain for 1.1¢ as well as phone cards from Spain. Our Spain Phone cards have much cheaper rates than a traditional long distance phone company or other VoIP Service Providers. There are NO monthly fees and NO annual contracts. International calls to Spain with our Spain calling cards gives you flexibility that phone companies or VoIP services can not provide!

Not all phone cards are created equal. The voice quality on our Spain Phone Cards is as clear as making a local call and comparable to direct dial from your home or cell phone. Pay with PayPal or credit/debit card and you will receive your Spain Phone Card instantly! 100% Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we are committed to providing you with the best quality Spain Calling Cards.

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Access Numbers from USA & Canada

USA/Canada to Spain: 1.6¢, Spain Mobile: 11.2¢
Rechargeable with Pinless & Speed Dial, Free iPhone or Android App

Dial International Calls Directly from your Cell Phone's Contact List

USA to Spain: 1.6¢
Download Free iPhone or Android apps

Cheapest Rate to call Spain

USA to Spain: 1.1¢, Spain Mobile: 11.8¢
Rechargeable, Pinless Call, & Speed Dial Available

Great for Travellers

Can be used in 62 other countries!
Spain to USA: 14 Minutes