Success Phone Card

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Success Phone Card

Our Price: $44.88(Save 10%) List Price: $50.00

  • Rechargeable Phone Card, Best for Business Use.
  • Pinless call and 10 FollowMe Speed Dial Numbers
  • China: 2940 minutes, Taiwan & USA: 2500 min, Canada: 3750 min

Toll Free Access

USA Toll Free Numbers: 1-877-335-7188, 1-800-495-7978, 1-800-495-7962; or dial USA & Canada Toll Free Call Back Number: 1-5088100011 or 1-6478006837 (hang up after hearing a ring. You will receive a call back within 2 minutes. This number only can be used from direct-dial phone numbers, such as home phone, cell phone.).

China Toll Free Call Back Number: 010-5155-9753 (Toll Free: Dial this number and then hang up after hearing a ring. You will receive a call back within 2 minutes. This access number is Toll Free as there will be no answers from this number)

China Local Access Numbers: 021-6183-1568 (Toll will apply to call these local access numbers within China, best for Chinese cell phone users). The China Local Access rates are based on the usage of these local access numbers.

Enter Pin Numbers

Pin Number

USA/Canada: Dial

1 + area code + telephone number

International: Dial

011 + Country code + city code + telephone number + #

Customer Service

Expiration Date

This phone card will expire 180 days after sale


All calls are billed in 1 minute increment

Maintenance Fee


Connection Fee




Pay Phone Surcharge

Not available from some payphones.Please purchase PayPhone Phone Card instead.


Rate to international cell phones are higher; Rates subject to change without notice.

Special Note

We strongly recommend you block your International service plan from your phone to avoid charges from your telephone company. Rate to cell phones are higher. Rates subject to change without notice. No additional connection fee, no service fee and no tax applies.There may be a $0.75 surcharge to call from payphones, hotel, campus or dorm phones. Your phone card will not expire if you recharge funds within 180 days from last recharge or sale. You may recharge $50 each time.

Please login to My Account to authorize the amount of each recharge, your recharge request will be processed within 30 minutes.

A pre-paid calling card or phone card can be used to make domestic or international phone calls to save money. To place a call with a calling card, you dial a toll free or local access number, enter your phone card pin number upon voice prompt, and then enter your destination number upon authorization of your phone card. Typically, it will take you 3 times as long to complete a phone call with a phone card than direct dial. However, our Success Phone Card provider developed certain convenient features that allow you to complete a phone call quicker within 5 seconds. The features required to make a quick call are pin skipping and follow-me speed dial.

Pin Skipping (pinless call) allows you to make a call without entering your pin from your home, business, or cell phone. To set up pin skipping after payment, please login to My Account and click on “Pin Skipping” link.

Follow-me Speed Dials are speed dials configured in to your Success Phone Card. Because the follow-me speed dials are not configured on your phone, you could use these same speed dials whenever you call with your Success Phone Card from any telephone in the world. You can setup 10 phone numbers for Follow-me Speed Dials on your Success Phone Card.

Since Follow-me Speed Dials are configured on your Success Phone Card, you have to configure these speed dials through a call to any of the local or toll free access numbers. Because you can keep the same Success Phone Card pin forever by recharging it every 180 days, you only need to set up the follow-me speed dials once for each phone number.

Here is a brief instruction on how to setup Follow-me Speed Dial over the phone:
To set up any phone number (0118610612345678) into speed dial "1" of your phone card,
1. dial any local or toll free access number for your phone card;
2. enter your Pin number
3. Press "#2#1#0118610612345678#". Here, the 4th key "1" is your speed dial number. To store your second Follow-Me speed dial number, just enter "#2#2#0118610612345678#".
To make a phone call with a number saved into speed dial 1 of your phone card, simply replace the destination number with "1#" to complete your call.