New Greatwall Phone Card

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New Greatwall Phone Card

Our Price: $20.00(Save 20%) List Price: $25.00

  • Total Clean Card, No Any Fees, Best Quality.
  • China: 1.5¢, Taiwan: 2¢; HK: 1.8¢; USA: 1.6¢
  • Vietnam: 13.5¢, Malaysia: 2.7¢, India: 13.4¢
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Toll Free Access

1-888-211-6379 (English); 1-800-261-5818(Chinese); 1-800-466-0298(Canton)

Enter Pin Numbers

Pin Number

USA/Canada: Dial

1 + area code + telephone number

International: Dial

011 + Country code + city code + telephone number + #

Customer Service

Expiration Date

This phone card will expire 90 days after sale


All calls are billed in 1 minute increment

Maintenance Fee


Connection Fee




Pay Phone Surcharge

$0.99 surcharge per call


Rate to international cell phones are higher; Rates subject to change without notice.

Special Note

Higher rates to call international cell phones. 1 minute rounding. There is a surcharge of $0.99 on payphones, hotel phones, and college campus phones.