Unlimited Talk & Text, 3GB at 4LTE by AT&T

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Unlimited Talk & Text, 3GB at 4LTE by AT&T

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  • Unlimited Talk & Text on AT&T Network
  • AT&T 3GB at 4G LTE Speed, in 30 days
  • Free 3 day Shipping. CA resident add 8.25% Tax
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Toll Free Access

From USA: 1-888-726-0659, 1-800-861-0532, 1-800-861-0419;;

Make toll free calls from France: dial 1-2395033481(this number is in USA, please follow use the correct format from your calling area); and then hang up after hearing a ring (Toll Free as there will be no answers from this number; This number only can be used from direct-dial phone numbers;)

Local Access

A Complete List of Unlimited Talk & Text, 3GB at 4LTE by AT&T Local Access Numbers, local access numbers are available for area codes and states listed below and also available for people with free long distance service on their cell phones (1-201-215-0079 & 1-213-271-1038). Please check with your local phone company to avoid toll charges.

Enter Pin Numbers

Pin Number

USA/Canada: Dial

1 + area code + telephone number

International: Dial

011 + Country code + city code + telephone number + #

Customer Service

Expiration Date

This phone card will expire 30 days after sale


All calls are billed in 1 minute increment

Maintenance Fee


Connection Fee




Pay Phone Surcharge

Not available from some payphones.Please purchase PayPhone Phone Card instead.


Rate to international cell phones are higher; Rates subject to change without notice.

Special Note

Please contact us to make sure your cell phone is unlocked and accept GSM sim card from AT&T and supports 4G LTE. You may enter "*#06#" from your cell phone keypad to obtain your IMEI code to verify with us if your cell phone will work with GSM network. Activation requires a new AT&T phone number.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the SIM card to arrive. Please call Customer Service at 1-888-304-8029 or send email to service@1stphonecard.com to activate your SIM card. New AT&T service requires a new SIM card and a new AT&T phone number.