T-mobile Unlimited Talk & Text only, 1GB at 4G LTE

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T-mobile Unlimited Talk & Text only, 1GB at 4G LTE

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  • T-mobile's Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Free ground shipping, Tax & Fees
  • Free activation
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Toll Free Access

From USA: 1-888-726-0659, 1-800-861-0532, 1-800-861-0419;;

Make toll free calls from France: dial 1-2395033481(this number is in USA, please follow use the correct format from your calling area); and then hang up after hearing a ring (Toll Free as there will be no answers from this number; This number only can be used from direct-dial phone numbers;)

Local Access

A Complete List of T-mobile Unlimited Talk & Text only, 1GB at 4G LTE Local Access Numbers, local access numbers are available for area codes and states listed below and also available for people with free long distance service on their cell phones (1-201-215-0079 & 1-213-271-1038). Please check with your local phone company to avoid toll charges.

Enter Pin Numbers

Pin Number

USA/Canada: Dial

1 + area code + telephone number

International: Dial

011 + Country code + city code + telephone number + #

Customer Service

Expiration Date

This phone card will expire 90 days after sale


All calls are billed in 1 minute increment

Maintenance Fee


Connection Fee




Pay Phone Surcharge

Not available from some payphones.Please purchase PayPhone Phone Card instead.


Rate to international cell phones are higher; Rates subject to change without notice.

Special Note

Please contact us to make sure your cell phone is unlocked and accept GSM sim card from T-mobile. You may enter "*#06#" from your cell phone keypad to obtain your IMEI code to verify with us if your cell phone will work with T-mobile GSM network. Activation requires a new T-mobile phone number.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the SIM card to arrive. Please call Customer Service at 1-888-304-8029 or send email to service@1stphonecard.com to activate your SIM card. New T-mobile service requires a new SIM card and a new T-mobile phone number.

If you are currently an AT&T customer, please provide us with your name, address, and phone number.

Activation requires a new T-mobile phone number.