First Phone Card

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First Phone Card

Our Price: $20.00(Save 20%) List Price: $25.00

  • Expiration Period: 2 years (730 days after sale). On sale at
  • Local Access for Cell Phone Users: 714-768-6249, 213-286-0081
  • Dial Direct with 1stPhoneCard App

Toll Free Access

USA Toll Free Numbers: 1-877-335-7188,1-866-775-7199,1-800-495-7978, 1-800-495-7962; or dial USA & Canada Toll Free Call Back Number: 1-5088100011 or 1-6478006837 (hang up after hearing a ring. You will receive a call back within 2 minutes. This number only can be used from direct-dial phone numbers, such as home phone, cell phone.). <

China Local Access Numbers: 021-6183-1568 (Toll will apply to call these local access numbers within China, best for Chinese cell phone users).

Canada Toll Free Number: 1-888-259-9421

Enter Pin Numbers

Pin Number

USA/Canada: Dial

1 + area code + telephone number

International: Dial

011 + Country code + city code + telephone number + #

Customer Service

Expiration Date

This phone card will expire 730 days after sale


All calls are billed in 1 minute increment

Maintenance Fee


Connection Fee




Pay Phone Surcharge

$1 surcharge per call


Rate to international cell phones are higher; Rates subject to change without notice.

Special Note

We strongly recommend you block your International service plan from your phone to avoid charges from your telephone company. Rate to cell phones are higher. No additional connection fee, no service fee and no tax applies.There is a $1.00 surcharge to call from payphone, hotel phones, and college campus phones.

From China: 021-6183-1568 (Toll will apply to call these numbers within China, best for Chinese cell phone users); 010-5155-9753 (Toll Free: Dial this number and then hang up after hearing a ring. This access number is Toll Free as there will be no answers from this number).

With the pin skipping and speed dial features for this phone card, you only need to press 3 keys to call any domestic or international phone numbers from your cell or home telephone number. There is a limit of up to 3 destination numbers per home or cell phone number.

You can refer to your telephone manual for details on setting up the speed dial keys. (Please double check to make sure you are not saving the destination number to your speed dial key)

To set up the Pin Skipping feature, please login to My Account and click on the Pin Skipping link. After you complete the setup, all you have to do is call our local or toll free access number from the telephone number you registered.

To set up Speed Dial feature, dial our local or toll free access number and enter your Pin Number
Press #2#
Press (1)# ( This will be your speed slot number)
Enter the destination number
Press #
Once this is completed, you just need to press one key (the saved speed dial slot on your telephone to dial our local or toll free access number ) to access the telephone switch. By pressing "1#", you will be connected to the destination number you assigned to speed slot 1 for that telephone number. If you want to connect to the 2nd destination number, you press "2#". If you want to connect to the 3rd destination number, you press "3#".

App Instructions for iPhone
1. Purchase First Phone Card
2. For iPhone users, Download iPhone App or Go to app store and Search for "Skydial" app
3. Download & Install the free "Skydial" app
4. Open "Skydial" app
5. Set Pin Skipping to "Off" & Enter the Pin number you just purchased
6. Select the country you will be calling from (USA Toll free, UK, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Canada, & Australia)
7. Press Save button on upper right corner of Settings page
8. Press Keypad button at bottom right corner
9. To make a call, Select a number from "Contacts" or Dial a phone number on the Keypad
10. Press "Call" & Selecting the "Call" option from the pop up menu

App Instructions for Android
1. Purchase First Phone Card
1. For Android users, Download Android App , or Go to Google Play & Search for "Skydial" app
2. Tap Skydial app & Select the country your calling from (USA, China, Australia, Canada, USA Toll Free, Mexico, Taiwan, UK, Hong Kong, Japan)
3. Set "Call with Skydial" to "Yes"
4. Set Pin Skip to "No" and tap "Set Pin". Enter Your Pin number & Tap "Ok"
5. Tap "Exit" or Home Button
6. To make a phone call, Tap "Phone" from the home screen & Select from Call Logs, Favorites, Contacts or Dial a phone number on the Keypad and tap the Call button.
7. To make a call without using the app, Open "Skydial" app and Set "Call with Skydial" to "No"

Please Note: To make a USA/Canada call while using the app, you must dial in this format: 1 + Area code + Telephone number (Example: 1-555-555-5555). Otherwise, dialing only the Area code + Telephone number (Example: 555-555-5555) without the "1" in front will go through your cellular phone plan without using the app.

1. Never dial an access number, a PIN, or Destination number. Make direct dial international calls through your cell phone's contact list with Call4less app
2. Enjoy paying local access rate
3. No connection fee, no service fee and no tax apply.
4. Prevent unexpected high international call charges from cell phone providers by using Skydial app